About Us

We are Erik and Verena, the artists behind evgems.com.

We have both been involved in some form art for our entire lives.

At this time our main inspiration is the design and creation of affordable handmade jewelry.

We have just settled into our new studio in inspiring Las Vegas, NV.

We love to transform ordinary shells and stones into extraordinary wearable art that will bring joy and positive energy into your life.

Many of our customers have told us that they can feel the signature of positive vibrations when they wear our art.

Please let us know how it affects you…

We welcome your comments and suggestions, so feel free to contact us whenever you like by e-mailingĀ  erik@evgems.com , or verena@evgems.com

We also enjoy accommodating custom orders and special requests.

You can join our members list and have a chance to win free jewelry every month.

We always guarantee your satisfaction with all of our work.

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