Celtic Love Knot Jewelry

History of Celtic Love Knots

For centuries many cultures have trusted in the magical abilities of knots.

These were traditionally related to one of four concerns, weather, health, spirits and love.

The love knot usually consists of three or more intertwined rings created from wire.

It is an artful symbol of never-ending love, a knot with no beginning or end, this Celtic Jewelry represents infinity.

Every beginning starts from an end, and every end is a new beginning.

A symbol of completeness and constancy, it can still be found in modern cultures by the name of Celtic Love Knot.

It is thought that the love knots were widely used by sailors to remind them of their loved ones and guide them safely home.

Now you can join with style, and present your own lover with a gentle symbol of everlasting love.

We have one of a kind Celtic Jewelry that will quench your desire.

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