About the materials

Amethyst used in Jewelry Art

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz and is popular in jewelry. The name “amethyst” comes from the Greek and means “not drunken.” It was once believed that amethyst jewelry would subdue the effects of alcohol, but most likely the Greeks were referring to the almost wine-like look of the stones. Its color is unmatched, and even other, more expensive purple gemstones are often compared to it. Although it must always be purple to be amethyst, it can and does have a wide range of shades and clarity.

Jade Jewelry

Renowned for its beautiful color, jade has come a long way since the Stone Age when it was used for weapons and tools. For the Chinese, jade is a sign of luck and has been widely worn because of that belief. It has become the gem for royalty, symbolizing courage and overwhelming wisdom. Jade can be made into beautiful Art Jewelry. There are several colors and varieties of jade.

Jewelry made with Turquoise

Turquoise has been utilized since the beginning of jewelry making. Archeologists have unearthed large amounts of Turquoise Jewelry from all over the world. Jewelry crafted from Turquoise was a symbol of royalty in ancient times.

The highest grade turquoise comes from Iran, but the southwestern United States has also proved to be a good source. Turquoise is often imitated by other stones, such as the mineral  Chrysocolla.  Lower quality turquoise specimens are often dyed or color stabilized with coatings of various resins. The name is derived from a French word which means stone of Turkey, from where Persian material passed on its way to Europe.

Peridot used in Art Jewelry

This is a good one for evening gowns and romantic candlelit dinners.  Peridot is endowed with a beautiful green shimmer. It is claimed that ancient Egypt patronized this stone. Egyptians believed that this jewel radiated a beautiful evening glow. It is also believed peridot can dismiss bad spirits and terrors. Peridot Jewelry is also known for its therapeutic effects bringing health and vitality to your body.

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